I am data scientist passioned about building data driven products.

 I have over 6 years of data science, data architecture and R&D experience across different industries from academical research to online dating and fintech. My natural curiosity, love to tech, physics and math/stats background, programming hands-on skills, attention to details, consultancy and management experience put me at unique spot in between top level business decision-makers, BI and engineering teams to bridge them and to facilitate monetisation of the business data by implementing analytical solutions.

 Presently, I look after the data warehouse team of fulltimers and freelancers at one of the leading global IT companies, Spark Networks. Among all managerial responsibilities, I’m focused on building new robust and scalable DWH and data science platform to disrupt dating industry via employing modern data analytics tools and machine learning techniques. Attention, I’m expanding my team, please consider to apply here.

 Previously, I was part of the strategic project department and DWH/BI teams at a leading F2P online gaming company Goodgame Studios. As a data scientist and DWH manager, I was providing in-house consultancy and building (MVP of) end-to-end data science solutions, and managing data warehouse to make sure that no solutions with no sufficient analytical picture on relevant KPI being made.

 Before that, I had a blast working at a cool Hamburg based IT incubator Maritime Data Systems which brings AI solutions for the maritime world. I was building analytics back-end and developing ML algorithms for trusteddocks.com, the web-app helping ship-managers to find a suitable company for their vessels maintenance/building/recycling without intermediate agents.

 Right after the Uni, I was a part of very excited research projects including ISOLTRAP and CMS at world leading laboratories, CERN and DESY.

 At spare time, if not enjoying the time with my family, I

    master ML skills
    work on private projects which you can find on the projects page
    try myself in blogging: read my thoughts on my blog page, medium, or DataScience+
    consult my friends for building analytics layout for their fintech startup, Ownly

If you would like to work with me, or have questions/comments, please contact me on email, or via linkedin. My CV can be downloaded here.