Data Engineering Interviews

The open source community driven knowledge sharing project which objectives to
  • highlight main topics data engineers are dealing with on daily basis
  • simplify knowledge sharing and knowledge discovery for data professionals
  • facilitate interview preparation for data professionals
  • help aspiring data engineers and scientists to break into industry

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NLP Demo - PoS Tagger

A NLP demo on how to structure and develop framework for machine learning project with the objective to build a part-of-speech tagging classifier service.

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JSON to GBQ Table Schema Converter
Color Theory App

A toy project/demo on how to structure and develop micro-service driven application powered by machine learning service. The app objective is to define binary category of a color selected by user. Two possible categories being warm and cool, are described here.

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How Many Ships are in Hamburg Right Now?

The application is an open-source dashboard which presents real-time summary of the vessels in the port of Hamburg and Elde river. It is powered by the API which utilises the data from an AIS device developed by the Maritime Data Systems GmbH team.

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Name this Color

The app helps to identify a color by its name, or name the color by its HTML code

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OSM Geopolygons Fetcher

The app to provide an interface to the OpenStreetMap Nominatim API for fetching polygon of a geo-object by its name

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Geospatial Time Series Data Analysis

The project was conducted for the Voith company. It is dedicated to the studies of the offshore supply vessels reliability under different weather conditions. Find dashboard details here.

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